Litigation / Appeal Update.


I deeply appreciate the support that I have received from the outdoor community during the course of my litigation against Kentucky Dept. Fish and Wildlife Commisioner Jonathan Gassett.  I continue to believe that Commissioner Gassett's retaliatory actions against me were unconstitutional. The head of a state agency should not use his office or departmental resources to retaliate against a journalist for expressing disagreement with agency policies and practices.

I must therefore respectfully disagree with Judge’s ruling.   If government officials can engage in retaliation against journalists- who are supposed to hold government officials accountable-I believe that the press will be handcuffed by fear of government retribution.

I have worked as a journalist for more than 30 years. My passion for the role journalism plays in a free society, and the unique protection our United States Constitution provides compels me to move forward with my case and appeal.



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